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Buy Instagram Followers

Why Buy Instagram Followers from us?

Buying Instagram Followers has quickly become one of the most efficient ways to grow your Instagram account. has been created to provide users with quality followers at the cheapest prices on the internet.

All of our followers look real. When you buy a certain amount of followers, you will get every single one. We do not under deliver, or your money back! We guarantee our client complete satisfaction or your get either a full refund, or partial refund.

We understand not every customer is the same, so we’re able to tailor your order according to your needs. We strive to bring not only the best service to the table, but the absolute best customer service experience on the net.

Since we are a small company, we can connect with every single client on a very personal level. This connection allows our clients to feel 100% comfortable with their purchase and to know they are in good trusting hands! You can contact our team of professionals at anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with any questions or concern you may have. Visit our Contact Page


What Are The Benefits?

There is literally a million reasons why someone would want to get Instagram followers. Below, we have put together just a brief list of possible benefits from buying followers. Please remember that the benefits are literally endless and these are just a few major aspects we are touching base on.

10 Easy Ways To Get More Instagram FollowersClick here to download a PDF sharing 10 Easy Ways To Get More Instagram Followers

Why Not Also Get Instagram Likes?

In addition, you can also buy Instagram likes if you need more likes to your Instagram photos or videos.

We offer Likes to your latest post or even likes to all of your posts. It’s your choice!

So go ahead and purchase a package today to get more followers and likes!

Want Automatic Daily Likes?

We also offer an option for you to receive automatic daily likes to your photos so that you don’t need to keep ordering likes or trying so hard to gain likes naturally by hashtagging, following others and liking their photos.

Check out our Automatic Likes here.

Is It Cheap To Buy?

Purchasing followers is cheap. You can get started for as little as $2.99, and that will give you 250 followers. Compare us with other services out there and you will see that we are the cheapest on the market.

It doesn’t matter if you want 250 or even 50,000 followers, our prices are very competitive and we’ll beat any other sites out there.

We can do this because we know our customers. You want value for money without compromising on quality, which brings us to the next question:

Are The Followers and Likes High Quality?

Yes, we only deliver followers and likes that have profile pictures. We know how important your Instagram account/profile is and you want to make sure it looks great. The last thing you want is a bunch of fake-looking followers in your profile. We know customers come first so our service to our customers is the most important part. We want you to return happy knowing you’ll get quality service from us.

How Fast Do You Deliver?

For small orders of 250 followers or likes, you can expect to receive them within 24 hours, sometimes faster. The faster you buy, the more ahead of the que you’ll be as we normally organize orders by first-come-first-serve. We treat all customers the same and no one person is placed above the other.

We do our best to deliver as fast as possible because we know how important having the followers and especially likes is to you. You want those likes to your posts as soon as possible. We totally understand that.

For orders of 50,000 followers, you can expect to start seeing followers within 24-48 and then it’ll deliver the followers over the course of 4-5 days.

Will My Account Get Banned?

Absolutely not! We’ve never had any accounts banned from our service. If we did, then we wouldn’t be running such a service. We have customers from all around the world from the U.S. to Australia. They have not had any problems at all. We deal with thousands of customers each month. Rest assured, you’re in safe hands. You can order with confidence.

Do I Need To Follow Other People?

No way! The last thing you want is to have thousands of user’s post on your news feed! We know some people follow others just so they can follow back, but the reality is most will not follow you back. We don’t want you going through the pain and wasting time doing that. That’s what we’re here for — to help you save time so you can concentrate on more important things like posting new photos to your account.

Do I Need To Give My Password?

Never! We only require your username if you order followers or if you’re ordering likes, we only need the photo URL. Your privacy is safe with us.

How Does It Work?

Ordering from us is very easy. Here’s how it all works in plain English:

Step #1: Choose a package

Select how many followers or likes you want. We offer many different packages but if there’s something else you’re looking for, just let us know.

Step #2: Enter details & place your order

Next, enter some basic information such as your Instagram username. We never ask for your Instagram password!

Step #3: Watch the followers/likes

Sit back and relax while we deliver the followers or likes to your specific account or post! It’s that easy. No hassles. No trouble.

A few other general questions you might be thinking…


Can I Buy Followers On Instagram?

You don’t actually buy it from Instagram. Only sites like are able to deliver this type of service for you. There’s many to choose from but how do you know what’s right for you? You don’t unless you try. We offer packages for as little as $2.99 to get you started. It’s just a small amount in the bucket but it means so much more to your account once you receive your order.

Is It Possible To Get More Followers On Instagram?

Yes, there are a number of ways. You could do it the hard way and follow hundreds even thousands of people in hopes that they will follow you back, however this is not a good strategy because your profile will get filled up with thousands of people’s posts. The easiest and fastest way is to use our service. It’s quick and hassle-free so you can focus more on posting your awesome content.

Can I Get Free Followers On Instagram?

There are ways in getting free followers but it requires a lot of manual work. As mentioned in the previous answer above, the free way of getting more followers is to follow others. And to really build it up, you need to constantly follow people so they can follow you back. Our services don’t require you to do such a thing.

Do You Offer A Free Trial?

We did do a free trial at one point, however, because of the overwhelming amount of free trial signups we had, we just couldn’t keep up. In addition, people were exploiting and taking advantage of it by signing up multiple times, so they were cheating. As much as we’d like to, we have discontinued it. There were just too many complainers. We would rather deal with serious people who actually want results.

Will I Receive It Instantly?

We do the best we can and make sure all orders are taken care of promptly. Typically, most orders complete within 24-48 hours, with larger orders taking up to 5 days. You will some times receive it even faster depending on the load. We generally follow a first-come-first-serve procedure. So order early, and we’ll do your order quicker.

How To Get More Followers?

The best way is to purchase followers. We offer a number of packages to suit your needs. Want 250 followers? No problem. Or how about 50,000? We can do that also. If you want even more, just speak to us. We’re more than happy to help you with your needs. On the other hand, if you’re looking for other ways to get more followers, you can follow others based on your interest/hobbies so that they can follow you back otherwise you’ll simply need to post more and more content, do lots of hashtagging and build it over time which could take months, even years to grow. The aim is consistency. If you’re consistent with your postings, you will see an increase. We have found that the more you post, the more followers and likes to your photos you’ll get. People hop on the app to check out the latest posts, and they are always hungry for more. So post often but remember to be consistent. Break the consistency and your followers will forget who you are.

Are There Any Lock-in Contracts?

No, there are no contracts or subscriptions. You simply choose what you want, order and we deliver it. It’s once off and you can come back any time to order more.

We do, however, provide a Daily Followers service where we can deliver followers on a daily basis so you can get an even flow of people coming your way rather than having thousands coming at once. Check the navigation link above if you’re interested in this type of service.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply choose a package above. You can choose from 250, 1000, 2500, 10000 or 50000 followers. If you want to order more, we can do so. We can do up to 100,000. If there’s something specific you need, feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to customize a package for you. There’s only 3 steps you need to follow to fulfil your purchase. 1) Choose a package, 2) Enter some information 3) Let us handle the rest!

So go ahead and order a package today!


All Orders Are Backed Up By 100% Replacement of Followers if For Any Reason You Lose Any! Dismiss