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With the acquisition of Facebook’s instagram, the photo-editing application and grabbing headlines are now available for android; several individuals have begun using instagram so recently.


This is made easier and much possible because it doesn’t require much to get started. Its interface is also quite straightforward. However, with improper guide, you might miss a few of the essential tools, which make the experience of instagram much better. Here is a list of five tips and tricks to help you when using instagram.

1. Tag Another User

When using instagram, there are basically two sections you can mention or tag another user. These are in a comment and in the caption. To tag an instagram user to a caption, simply type ‘@’ then the username. When publishing a photo in that particular user, the username will be clickable and the user is notified that he/she was tagged. The tagged name will then lead your follower to the instagram page of that user. On the other hand, in the comments is another way of using tags. Therefore, if you want to give a feedback to a caption or comment of someone concerning a photo, simply tap and hold his/her username and then choose “mention user”. At this point, it’s simple to reply directly to it.

2. Delete A Caption Or Comment

Deleting a comment or caption is one of the most essential things to do, especially if you like sharing your photos in the public. With instagram, it’s impossible to modify any caption, but if you wish to remove it by deleting, at the bottom, there is an option of tapping “Comments” just below your photo, then swipe right-to-left on the comment to be removed.

3. Use Hash Tags

Hash tags are generally in the form of a word or phrase usually preceded by the # symbol. Adding this kind of tags to your instagram photos, they become very easy to click once published, directing your instagram followers to the photos’ page, which were filed under that word or keyword. However, hash tags have their advantage of discoverability. This means that you are more likely to get followers who are not even your instagram friends if you make a great effort of including this type of tags at every end of your comments or captions. Less than three keywords are just enough when creating your hash tags.

4. Double-Tap To Like

If you take a little of your time to scroll through its feed, liking a photo just by double tapping it is much quicker. A white heart pops up letting you know that it actually worked. Similarly, to unlike any photo, simply double tap again.

5. Always edit using other apps first

To get stunning photos, you need to use other apps rather than just using instagram alone. Giving your photos better and extra dramatic effects, always consider to edit them with other applications before filtering and making them fine with the instagram. For instance, you can use Diptic to create photo sets or stacked photos. Photoshop is also another app that lets you adjust all the basics such as saturation, contrast, brightness and exposure. Even if it consumes a lot of your time to come up with the final image, it really worth the effort.

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