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ruleOne of the best and easiest ways to reach people is through the social sites, instagram being one of them. Knowing on the best way to use it will give you a competitive edge over your competitors in any business that you plan to embark on. This online photo sharing application allows you to take pictures and filter them digitally then later share them with your audience. Many people however fail to achieve this purpose, as they do not know on the best way to use it.

Here are 5 rules to using instagram effectively

1. Whenever you post photos, know on the best time and how many to post each day. This will help in getting the maximum attention of your audience. Posting few photos may not go down well as they will not get to know the much-needed details of your commodity. On the other hand, posting very many photos may make your audience get used to them making them pay little attention.

2. Post a variety of photos, this will help reduce the monotony and help them not to be termed as generic. Whenever the audience knows what you will post. People will lose interest in them thus has no audience. It is wise if you sought, the services of a professional who will help you get a wide variety of photos.

3. Always call your audience to action; this is through the use hash tag or words meant to make the audience active. Words like “like if” or “comment if” will make the photo get more addressees thus a more active and lively site. In addition, many people will be visiting your site more often as a way to pass time and learn more.

4. Do not be selfish, comment on other people’s photos. Getting used to people commenting on your photo while you do not comment on theirs will make you lack followers. Commenting bring a sort of competition leading to you trying to post better items. Furthermore, mistakes are pinned out thus the next time you post an item. It meets the expected standards.

5. Make your site unique, this is through adding something special to it. Items like contest, sneaks or even peeks will bring in a big difference. Look for new ideas that will change the look of your site, there are many experts who will bring out the best of your site and make it stand out among others.

To further on that, some misconceptions have been making instagram users not to achieve the maximum possible from it. Some claim that

  • It works for visual products only, as photos and videos are the major components of instagram. Service providers my wonder what to show to the public. Items like organizational culture, employee’s goodwill or even celebrations in the organization will still work.
  • It is only for big organizations, this keeps the small organizations at a bay. However, any organization can use it from the little funds that they decide to set apart and still get enough coverage.
  • It is only for photo posting, photos are just a part of instagram. Although they have been the main component of it, Videos posted on it will still reach the audience. Furthermore, contest and campaigns can be held where the best participants are awarded.
  • The results cannot be measured; this is not true because whatever you do has an outcome. Some web-based applications help you know how many people have seen your data.

The next time that you use instagram, adhering to the 5 rules to use instagram effectively will help you see a difference in your work. Moreover, doing away with all myths allows a positive attitude to be built that raises your efficiency.

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