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Instagram is a Facebook owned mobile service that allows registered users to post photos and see the photos of their friends. However its full website only allows limited access to pictures which has led third party programmers to create Instagram web browser viewers so that you can view Instagram on your computer with more capacity that can display all photos, comments, tags, locations and likes from the mobile service itself. There are a number of web viewers available that have different features which make photo sharing all online that much better.

Instagram on computer

The first of these Instagram web browser viewers is:

INK 361 (formerly known as Inkstagram)

It is one of the most popular Instagram computer viewers offering features similar to the Instagram mobile version ad you can view photos that you or your friends have uploaded, share photos via Facebook and Twitter and also to search by hashtag and username.


Webstagram is another viewer that allows you to search for usernames or tags, view pictures and have a stream of the most popular pictures and a Photo of the Day which is picked by the editors of the web viewer. Gramfeed allows you to view popular photos, browse your newsfeed and search for people.


Pingram is programmed as a mashup of Instagram and Pinterest. It has a very hipster heaven result displaying your Instagram pictures in a similar layout as Pinterest.


Extragram has a pretty and fun interface and a feature called Discover option that helps you find pictures according to categories and tags. If you have an outstanding account it may be chosen for the Featured User page.


Statigram has an excellent photo-viewer for viewing Instagram on computer and it also allows you to stay on top of your Instagram stats. This makes it a great tool for business Instagram users as they can measure their successes and engagements. Everyday users can also utilize this to keep track of their data.

These Instagram computer web browser viewers allow Instagram users to use the service directly from their desktop browsers. The enlarged pictures and cool features make them ideal or when you to view or share photos outside the official app.

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