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Instagram has made posting a lot more appealing. You can actually edit your captions now, whereas before, you would have to delete the original photo and redo the whole post again — because you misspelled or forgot one crucial detail for the caption. To be sure, the photo-sharing, video-sharing, and social networking service will be making more tweaks in the future to provide a better experience for everyone. But how is it relevant to your business?

For one thing, social media marketing breeds brand ambassadors who will spread the word about your products or services — faster than you can imagine. For another thing, it is a cost-effective platform that will get you the results you seek. With recent data revealing that users are moving away from Twitter and Facebook, and toward Instagram, your business has the potential to engage new consumers and increase market share.

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But first, you’re going to need a solid following: Instagram users have to “follow” and “like” your presence on the social networking service. And you can achieve this when you buy Instagram followers and likes.

Buying Instagram followers and likes allows you to increase your followers. People generally gravitate toward pages that are getting the big numbers, in terms of engagement. If a lot of other people are following and liking and commenting on your posts, then your page might be worth checking out.

Think about it. As a consumer yourself, wouldn’t you be more interested with an Instagram page that shows, for example, 100,000 followers rather than 100 followers?

Another great thing about buying Instagram followers is that you can use it to drum up more projects, more clients, or more investors. You want to convey that there is interest in what you are pitching to the market — clients will recognize this once they see just how big a following your business is getting on Instagram.

With Web marketing trends and consumer behavior moving toward more visual campaigns and messages, Instagram makes a pretty good platform for your business. You’ll be able to reach more people, with your newly purchased followers and likes. You’ll be able to gain wider exposure for your brand. And you’ll have increased potential for connecting with more people. Because popular pages just attract more traffic and engagement.

On a final note, whether your business is just starting out or it’s been around for quite a while, Instagram will usher it into the future. So start encouraging more people to check out your page by investing in Instagram followers and likes today.

Instagram is the new “it” social media portal these days; it’s super simple because it’s all about the images you post. You don’t need to be an exceptionally good writer to deliver a message, because instead of a text post, you just use a picture. It may be an original one you’ve taken or pictures of others you like and want to share. If you post a well-taken image that appeals to the fancy of others, you can expect it to get a lot of likes and to even be reposted by all the people who liked it.

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However, the problem with Instagram is that the images are not enough to lock in people and turn them into followers; you have to be some sort of celebrity first, like Kim Kardashian and Lauren Conrad, or a well-known business with a large clientele that can get in touch with you through the site. If you’re neither of these, you’ll be lucky to have a hundred followers. That shouldn’t be too bad, right? But if you have an important message to share, or you wish to increase awareness about your brand, that number will not do in reaching as many people as possible.

If you wish to increase the number of your followers on Instagram, you have two options: do it the organic way, which is to follow others so they will follow you too, or the easier and more effective way, which is to buy Instagram followers online. Easy is not always better but in this case, it is loads better because you can increase Instagram followers quickly and have more people interested in your account.

The best benefit of this is that you’re likely to get automatically recommended by Instagram to people who appear to share your interests. It’s worth mentioning as well that if you have a lot of followers, you can actually attract opportunities to generate extra income because there are so many sites that would pay for someone to give them a shout-out on Instagram.

Buying Instagram followers is both easy and affordable. Just head to our Followers section and choose from the different packages we offer. If you want to start out conservatively and just add 250 to your current number of followers, you just need to buy the Starter deal which is only for $2.99. The second most affordable deal is at $6.99, which will give you 1,000 new followers. But if you want to appear like an Instagram celebrity with over 50,000 followers, you just need to pay $149.

Choose the deal that fits your budget and requirements, purchase it, and watch the number of followers you have increase.

One of the most important foundations for building an online presence for your business is the use of social media. And while Facebook and Twitter remain social media marketing staples, there are several compelling reasons to engage current and potential customers on photo sharing and social media site Instagram.

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Chief of these reasons is the fact that you can get as much as 25 percent more engagement on this social media platform as compared to its more popular counterparts.

Now, it’s one thing to create an account on Instagram, and it’s an entirely different thing to gain maximum utility out of it. For that, you’ll need to build a massive audience/following around your business or brand.

There are several strategies to boost Instagram followers. These include using the right hashtags and filters and studying the browsing habits of potential customers and publishing content/pictures on the right day and time. However, following these tactics and other tips from social media experts does not necessarily mean that you can instantly grow your Instagram following overnight.

These techniques require patience and do not necessarily translate to a marked increase in the number of your followers.

Now, if you subscribe to the belief that in order to achieve desired results, you have to work smarter, not harder, there is a way to get Instagram followers fast. How? By buying followers.

But is the investment worth it? Just how important is it to amass followers on Instagram?

Like it or not, the total number of your current followers influences the decision of an Instagram user on whether he or she will follow your account. Even if you post engaging photos, people will most likely follow you if you are popular. And in the realm of social media, the number of your followers dictates your popularity.

Having a large amount of followers can also help you get on online lists of popular Instagram accounts to follow. In short, by getting more followers, more and more people will be attracted to the prospect of following you.

For most consumers, a large volume of followers can mean a good reputation. And if you are promoting products or services, that is one good thing to aspire for.

Finally, you can monetize your large amount of followers. Specifically, you can use your account for shout-outs wherein you promote the products, services or even the Instagram accounts of others, for a fee, of course.

ruleOne of the best and easiest ways to reach people is through the social sites, instagram being one of them. Knowing on the best way to use it will give you a competitive edge over your competitors in any business that you plan to embark on. This online photo sharing application allows you to take pictures and filter them digitally then later share them with your audience. Many people however fail to achieve this purpose, as they do not know on the best way to use it.

Here are 5 rules to using instagram effectively

1. Whenever you post photos, know on the best time and how many to post each day. This will help in getting the maximum attention of your audience. Posting few photos may not go down well as they will not get to know the much-needed details of your commodity. On the other hand, posting very many photos may make your audience get used to them making them pay little attention.

2. Post a variety of photos, this will help reduce the monotony and help them not to be termed as generic. Whenever the audience knows what you will post. People will lose interest in them thus has no audience. It is wise if you sought, the services of a professional who will help you get a wide variety of photos.

3. Always call your audience to action; this is through the use hash tag or words meant to make the audience active. Words like “like if” or “comment if” will make the photo get more addressees thus a more active and lively site. In addition, many people will be visiting your site more often as a way to pass time and learn more.

4. Do not be selfish, comment on other people’s photos. Getting used to people commenting on your photo while you do not comment on theirs will make you lack followers. Commenting bring a sort of competition leading to you trying to post better items. Furthermore, mistakes are pinned out thus the next time you post an item. It meets the expected standards.

5. Make your site unique, this is through adding something special to it. Items like contest, sneaks or even peeks will bring in a big difference. Look for new ideas that will change the look of your site, there are many experts who will bring out the best of your site and make it stand out among others.

To further on that, some misconceptions have been making instagram users not to achieve the maximum possible from it. Some claim that

  • It works for visual products only, as photos and videos are the major components of instagram. Service providers my wonder what to show to the public. Items like organizational culture, employee’s goodwill or even celebrations in the organization will still work.
  • It is only for big organizations, this keeps the small organizations at a bay. However, any organization can use it from the little funds that they decide to set apart and still get enough coverage.
  • It is only for photo posting, photos are just a part of instagram. Although they have been the main component of it, Videos posted on it will still reach the audience. Furthermore, contest and campaigns can be held where the best participants are awarded.
  • The results cannot be measured; this is not true because whatever you do has an outcome. Some web-based applications help you know how many people have seen your data.

The next time that you use instagram, adhering to the 5 rules to use instagram effectively will help you see a difference in your work. Moreover, doing away with all myths allows a positive attitude to be built that raises your efficiency.

hashtagA hashtag s a code or a symbol that allows web search engines to categorize and find keywords, messages, or even pictures in Instagram. If you type #sunsets or #cat in one of your pictures in Instagram, any user in the world looking for sunsets or cat will easily find your pictures and other users’ pictures using the #keyword. It is used by people to give their own shout about their pics.

When you should use hashtags on Instagram

You can use hashtags on every picture posted. Lack of information can be very boring but when you add a title to your pics, it boost other people’s interest for your stories and pics. You can use a hashtag on your pics with:

  • The subject of the pic- you can add description to your pictures.
  • The major topic appearing on the pic- examples are fashion, pets or cats. You will be able to show easily your pictures to users who look for this pics.
  • The place you took your pics- for example during Olympics, you can tag #OlympicGames or #London2012.
  • Techniques, apps and lenses used to shooting the pictures- this really make your pictures and profile interesting and helps other people to improve their own knowledge of editing and shooting. For example #Iphone4, #ina69 roll or #hisptamatic.
  • Use hashtag of a very important event or instameet- share pics of your last event in Instagram. For example a music festival or wedding of your friend. You can use the official tag suggested by the organizers or you can create an original tag.
  • Using a hashtag when promoting contest- some people use hashtags to organize different types of groups and contests. If you are launching a contest with the theme cat you would ask people who want to contest to put a hashtag for example #catcontest. This make it very easier for the organizers to find al people and pictures that entered the contest and from that point they can decide who the winner is.

To tag your pic with a hashtag, follow the following steps.

  • Snap a pic after opening Instagram on your mobile. Choose a design that you want your pic to appear.
  • Type a hashtag of your choice on the caption box and then upload your pocture.
  • If you would want to place a hashtag on a previous pic, click on the comments and you can place your tag in the comments box.
  • Once you have tagged the picture, when you click the hashtag, you will be lead to other people who have used the same hashtag on their photos.

Tips to using a hashtag that will get the most likes.

  • Be as specific and descriptive as possible- for example if you are a very big fan of games of thrones, instead of using a hashtag such as #HBOshows, you should be specific and use #gamesofthrones.
  • Observe how other people are applying hashtags- to gain more likes and connections, try to use hashtags that are widely used by users of Instagram.
  • Use your name- this allow other people to see what you have so far posted in one page. This is mostly used by photographers and brand marketers who want to show their work online.

If you are an Instagram user, you are most probably familiar with the ‘Explore tab’ also called The Popular page. But the big question is how to get on the popular page on Instagram.

instagram popular page
The following are vital on how to get there:

· Make sure your account is old enough- Even though this may not be a big factor in influencing photo popularity, Instagram perhaps looks at it to some extent. The probability is that if your account is some weeks old, it will not have the same chance compared to an older account even in a situation of a newer accounts having more likes than the older one.

· Constantly form your following of lively users- It is still significant to increase followers if you want to participate in the popular page, but make sure you are receiving more than just follower out of it. Engage your follower. You find that many people have thousands of likes but only less than five hundred are active. The rest are inactive and thus won’t be of any help.

· Do not spoil it with ‘hashtags’-these are simple ways to acquire quick exposure on Instagram, but let me assure you that using them can hamper your success of getting to the popular page, use them carefully. They are great if you would like some opening engagement, but the responses you get from these hashtags tend to be a bit machine-like and at all times not genuine. If you can, avoid them completely.

· Know the best days and time to post- For instance, a photo posted at 9pm wont earn the same likes as that posted at 2am.If for sure you want to maximize your chances of your photo being popular, post it at times of the day when you think people might be free and on their phones, for example, during lunch time, in the evenings and slightly after supper.

· Post a high quality photo-Make sure that the photo your posts is of high quality. It should be of high resolution and should contain catchy features. As mentioned earlier, the most vital thing you can do is frequently posting photos that people will sincerely love to look at it all the time.

· The ratio between your followers and your following should also rhyme. It beats logic having over ten thousand followings and you only have less than one thousand followers. Make sure that those you are following are following you too.

To conclude on how to get on the popular page, you must take into consideration the means to get more likes on your photo. Use a software that will make your photo lively. Remember your competitors are also aware of this too, thus you should be more creative to beat them all. The Instagram popular page only looks at what is lately trending, so the sooner you gain likes or even comments on the photo, the higher the chances of getting there. Follow all the above instructions and you will be amazed on how easy it is to get there.

All the best!

Have you ever wondered how to get more followers on Instagram? There are several ways to achieve that. For one, if you’re in a hurry to market your business, or perhaps get attention; the easiest would be buying them. However, if this doesn’t appeal to you, there are various techniques that could help you improve your profile and be able to attract attention– a way to encourage other users to become your loyal followers.

More instagram followers

Some Ways To Gain More Followers on Instagram:

1) Socialize with Other Users

a) Follow other users – The quickest way to attract the attention of other Instagram users is by following them first. If you’re lucky, some would return the favor. With this the more users you follow, the more chances that some will follow you back.

b) Like and comment- In order to increase your exposure and attract the attention of others, show them how active you can be. Leave meaningful comments on their photos. Liking would do, but leaving a comment, could generate more positive outcomes. It’s not just the owner of the photo who will see your comments, but other users as well– and if they find you interesting, they might check out your page. Giving you more chances to gain more followers.

c) Connect to other social media accounts- It’s advisable to connect your Instagram account to your other social media accounts, such as: Facebook. With this, your Facebook friends who happen to have Instagram accounts would automatically follow you. This will ensure a rapid rise to your followers on Instagram.

d) Join a micro community- For those who aren’t aware, micro communities are accounts on Instagram that have a several users that sponsor daily challenges and forums. These users are very active, and have a tendency to follow new users.

2) Have Something Good To Follow 

a) Share your best photos- One of the most convenient ways on how to get more followers on Instagram would be sharing “quality over quantity.” Make sure that the photos you’re planning to post have good quality. If you post low-quality photos, people will ignore you, and wouldn’t even think of following you.

b) Be more personal- A lot of Instagram users tend to post images that are somewhat personal in nature– something that everyone could relate. If you post these kinds of photos routinely, you’ll likely attract a number of followers.

c) Upload your photos gradually- You might be tempted to upload as much photos as possible that you’ll end up flooding the home pages. Never do this. This will leave a bad impression to non-followers and they’ll have second thoughts of following you.

d) Filter wisely- As a general rule, filter your photos properly. There are several filters that could draw new followers. Some of these are: Hefe, Rise, Normal, X- Proll, Earlybird, Amaro, Valencia, Lomo-fi, Brannan, and Hudson.

e) Post your photos during peak hours- An Instagram photo has a life span of 2-4 hours before it disappears in the community. Therefore, if you post while the largest number of people are available; chances are, you’ll get more views and potential followers.
The most popular time of the week would be Wednesday at around 5-6PM.

3) Buying Followers

Buying followers is the quickest way to get a large number of followers instantly. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s the most practical choice. If you can afford to wait for a couple of weeks, it would be better to just choose the more honest methods. The benefit of buying followers would be, you’re guaranteed to have an instant following. It could make your profile appear popular, that other users will be drawn to you naturally.


With the acquisition of Facebook’s instagram, the photo-editing application and grabbing headlines are now available for android; several individuals have begun using instagram so recently.


This is made easier and much possible because it doesn’t require much to get started. Its interface is also quite straightforward. However, with improper guide, you might miss a few of the essential tools, which make the experience of instagram much better. Here is a list of five tips and tricks to help you when using instagram.

1. Tag Another User

When using instagram, there are basically two sections you can mention or tag another user. These are in a comment and in the caption. To tag an instagram user to a caption, simply type ‘@’ then the username. When publishing a photo in that particular user, the username will be clickable and the user is notified that he/she was tagged. The tagged name will then lead your follower to the instagram page of that user. On the other hand, in the comments is another way of using tags. Therefore, if you want to give a feedback to a caption or comment of someone concerning a photo, simply tap and hold his/her username and then choose “mention user”. At this point, it’s simple to reply directly to it.

2. Delete A Caption Or Comment

Deleting a comment or caption is one of the most essential things to do, especially if you like sharing your photos in the public. With instagram, it’s impossible to modify any caption, but if you wish to remove it by deleting, at the bottom, there is an option of tapping “Comments” just below your photo, then swipe right-to-left on the comment to be removed.

3. Use Hash Tags

Hash tags are generally in the form of a word or phrase usually preceded by the # symbol. Adding this kind of tags to your instagram photos, they become very easy to click once published, directing your instagram followers to the photos’ page, which were filed under that word or keyword. However, hash tags have their advantage of discoverability. This means that you are more likely to get followers who are not even your instagram friends if you make a great effort of including this type of tags at every end of your comments or captions. Less than three keywords are just enough when creating your hash tags.

4. Double-Tap To Like

If you take a little of your time to scroll through its feed, liking a photo just by double tapping it is much quicker. A white heart pops up letting you know that it actually worked. Similarly, to unlike any photo, simply double tap again.

5. Always edit using other apps first

To get stunning photos, you need to use other apps rather than just using instagram alone. Giving your photos better and extra dramatic effects, always consider to edit them with other applications before filtering and making them fine with the instagram. For instance, you can use Diptic to create photo sets or stacked photos. Photoshop is also another app that lets you adjust all the basics such as saturation, contrast, brightness and exposure. Even if it consumes a lot of your time to come up with the final image, it really worth the effort.

The introduction of Instagram has led to a major social upgrading of photo sharing. Over 80 million users who like to alter their photos by using cool filters and special effects before they share them with their followers and friends nowadays prefer the Instagram platform.

instagram business marketingBusinesses that want to buy cheap instagram followers so that they can market themselves can also use this social media, which is very new to them. They will make people to feel closer to them when they post pictures of their employees and products because strong visual images attract people easily. Businesses can forge brand loyalty by using this marketing technique. Some of the ways in which they can market themselves by using Instagram include:

1) Geotagging

Businesses can now use their images, which they save to their personal photomaps, to tag specific locations in the latest Instagram update. They can share these images with their followers. If business owners travel around their countries, states or cities or they have physical locations, this option is great for their businesses. They can help their followers to know where they can find them by tagging their locations or snapping photos if they have booths at craft fairs in their localities or any other vendor events.

2) Inside Look

Sharing is the main objective of social media. Followers and fans allow businesses to reach them on levels that are more personal and hence, businesses should ensure that they do exactly that by taking pictures of their staff in their offices. They should also give them a sneak peak by taking snap shots of their upcoming products. Business owners should take a few pictures while they are on their way if they are traveling.

3) The use of Hashtags

Hashtags can be very effective at sharing when businesses use Twitter. They can use them on their Instagram photos. In order for them to enable their followers to find them easily, they should use those that relate to their industries or businesses.

4) Encouraging User Images

Businesses should encourage followers who are already using their products to take photos of themselves by using these products and tag them by using one of the hashtags of these businesses. The followers will learn how to use the products of these businesses and these businesses will be able to know the number of people who are pleased with them.

5) Holding contests

People love the prospect of winning prizes and businesses should therefore hold photo contests by using Instagram because it is an exciting way of giving them what they are looking for.

Brand exposure is what all business owners fight for. Fortunately, there are social media networks, which play the most important role in maximizing promotional methods in the most effective and efficient way. Among so many social media websites, Instagram remains as the most popular one, thanks to its features that highlights on quality pictures through state-of-the art photo editing technology.

instagram secretsIts fast sharing feature is what millions of users adore as they can publish any picture, from their business products, services and even for personal pictures to maintain their existence. The popularity of Instagram is proven well with its hundred millions of active users who upload fifty million pictures each day and give thousands of comments in secondly basis. What can be more popular than that? With all those features, business owners should have no doubt in finding out how to get more brand exposure from Instagram.

As Instagram also links to Facebook and Twitter, users can easily share pictures with proper hashtags. There will be faster popularity by uploading pictures for building awareness to broader targeted clients. Surely, it takes more than just uploading pictures. Instagram users do not hesitate to ignore low quality pictures that have no sense of art.

They can easily unfollow, or dislike and this is the worst thing that any business owner should avoid in the first place. The first thing to do with how to get more brand exposure from Instagram is building close relationship with followers. This is as simple as uploading inspiring pictures that can urge followers to comment in positive ways.

Business owners do not have to merely upload their newly launched products or services. There are still more to explore like the office ambiance, behind-the-scenes of the products manufacturing process, and many more. This is the first and the very important step to reach as many followers and likes as possible.

Stay Active, Updated and Edited

Updated pictures are what followers always wait for, especially when it comes to the latest products. It is very important for company owners to pamper the needs of consumptive people in buying the latest products—particularly fashion related ones. Uploading pictures frequently—without taking quality for granted—can deliver new followers of visitors on a daily basis.

Never forget to use the filters that Instagram features. This is the best way to beautify pictures for more attractive performances. Editing pictures through Instagram is very much easy. Taking pictures at both day and night is just okay, as long as users can edit every picture very well.

Never Have Enough with Hashtags

Hashtags are important though they are not enough when account users do not have lots of followers. It is true that hashtags are what people search for certain topics and it is best to include more than three hashtags for each picture. Use them wisely instead of overdoing them.

Still, providing positive feedbacks to followers and like their photos back becomes the best way on how to get more brand exposure from Instagram. Many celebrities fail to do this and their fans can easily leave them. Yet, business owners should pay attention on clients’ comments or likes because they can give better comments and share every interesting picture with their friends. Going viral in much faster and more effective way is what business owners should pay serious attention.

Again, business owners have to be very active in giving positive comments—whether to say ‘thank you’, or other appreciation of what followers have given. Followers have spent their time in giving comments and their valuable time should have a good response with full respect. This will increase followers or fans eagerness to share more.

Buy Instagram Likes; Is it Necessary?

When an account has lots of followers and likes, it has better popularity. This is inevitable. So, buying Instagram likes may be necessary for smaller business owners. As they have to build their businesses from the start, then buying likes or followers can be the best option. It is a legal activity and there are providers that sell real active accounts from real followers. This is very important because those followers can share directly to Facebook’s feed. Sharing through many popular social media networks is another outstanding way on how to get more brand exposure from Instagram.


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