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Have you ever wondered how to get more followers on Instagram? There are several ways to achieve that. For one, if you’re in a hurry to market your business, or perhaps get attention; the easiest would be buying them. However, if this doesn’t appeal to you, there are various techniques that could help you improve your profile and be able to attract attention– a way to encourage other users to become your loyal followers.

More instagram followers

Some Ways To Gain More Followers on Instagram:

1) Socialize with Other Users

a) Follow other users – The quickest way to attract the attention of other Instagram users is by following them first. If you’re lucky, some would return the favor. With this the more users you follow, the more chances that some will follow you back.

b) Like and comment- In order to increase your exposure and attract the attention of others, show them how active you can be. Leave meaningful comments on their photos. Liking would do, but leaving a comment, could generate more positive outcomes. It’s not just the owner of the photo who will see your comments, but other users as well– and if they find you interesting, they might check out your page. Giving you more chances to gain more followers.

c) Connect to other social media accounts- It’s advisable to connect your Instagram account to your other social media accounts, such as: Facebook. With this, your Facebook friends who happen to have Instagram accounts would automatically follow you. This will ensure a rapid rise to your followers on Instagram.

d) Join a micro community- For those who aren’t aware, micro communities are accounts on Instagram that have a several users that sponsor daily challenges and forums. These users are very active, and have a tendency to follow new users.

2) Have Something Good To Follow 

a) Share your best photos- One of the most convenient ways on how to get more followers on Instagram would be sharing “quality over quantity.” Make sure that the photos you’re planning to post have good quality. If you post low-quality photos, people will ignore you, and wouldn’t even think of following you.

b) Be more personal- A lot of Instagram users tend to post images that are somewhat personal in nature– something that everyone could relate. If you post these kinds of photos routinely, you’ll likely attract a number of followers.

c) Upload your photos gradually- You might be tempted to upload as much photos as possible that you’ll end up flooding the home pages. Never do this. This will leave a bad impression to non-followers and they’ll have second thoughts of following you.

d) Filter wisely- As a general rule, filter your photos properly. There are several filters that could draw new followers. Some of these are: Hefe, Rise, Normal, X- Proll, Earlybird, Amaro, Valencia, Lomo-fi, Brannan, and Hudson.

e) Post your photos during peak hours- An Instagram photo has a life span of 2-4 hours before it disappears in the community. Therefore, if you post while the largest number of people are available; chances are, you’ll get more views and potential followers.
The most popular time of the week would be Wednesday at around 5-6PM.

3) Buying Followers

Buying followers is the quickest way to get a large number of followers instantly. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s the most practical choice. If you can afford to wait for a couple of weeks, it would be better to just choose the more honest methods. The benefit of buying followers would be, you’re guaranteed to have an instant following. It could make your profile appear popular, that other users will be drawn to you naturally.


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