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Instagram being an application that allows you to get cool-looking photographs can be really of great benefit to your business. It is good way of giving your potential customers some insider information about your business. You can also use it to give some details about a new product that you have just launched or you are about to launch. It will allow instant sharing of pictures with other social networks likes twitter and Facebook.


Use of pictures is one of the best way of telling stories, and stories are very effective when you want to engage people. Today some brands are using Instagram as one their marketing strategies.

You can use Instagram as either a conversation tool or as a broadcasting tool to attract customers to your business. For conversation tool, your followers, potential customers and fans gets to share photos of your products. As for broadcasting tool, your fans, followers and friends will talk and socialize about your product, services or your company.

Using your Instagram as a broadcast tool, you can reach more customers since they only need to be social network users on regular basis. As a conversation tool, your target audience will be reduced since they will be required to have a smart phone. Devices with Instagram are iPad, Android and IPhones which are not very common. Instagram will allow you to converse with your customers in a way that you give some consultations and recommendations.

Before you turn to Instagram as a marketing tool, it important that you are certain that your target group can be reached through Instagram.

The first step of getting more customers from Instagram is creating account and marketing it. Your account name should correctly match with your brand name. You then link your account with social networking sites like Facebook and many others where you have accounts as a way of marketing it. To get customers you just need to create a stream of followers to your Instagram.

The following are some of tips on how to get more customers from Instagram and hence more customers to your business.

Best photos. You should share the best and interesting photos only which requires you to be selective when uploading them. Actually the content that you post should be attractive to your customers and potential buyers. You should avoid ridiculous and detailed contents as they will not attract people. Images can be used to inspire the users but do not copy. In order not to confuse your followers news feed with too many photos, you can post once or twice in a day.

Follow your favorite users. You can follow and complement people who follow you. Leaving comments on people’s photos would boost their morale of following you. Be active on Instagram and follow many people.

Use your customers for testimonials. Photos of Customers that have been satisfied by your product, service or your company can be featured in your Instagram account. They can tell the experience they had with your product or service hence attracting more customers to your business. This will improve your connection to even more audience.

Go public on your account. Allow access to your photos even without your approval. At privacy settings, set toggle to OFF. You can set it to ON if you want people with your authorization only to follow you.

Link your Instagram photos with other social networks. By doing this your friends will see photos of your product or your business and may decide to follow you. Connecting to more social networks will see you promote your business to a wide range of potential customers. Instagram usually gives you the social networks you can link to. They include Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter and Foursquare. You will only require your password and username to get them linked.

Celebrities. Celebrities have huge followers not only in life but also in social media, Instagram included. You can take this advantage and get a way of associating your products or services to those celebrities. You can post a picture of a celebrity with some of your products.

Active audience. Encourage your audience participation by requesting them to do something every time you post a picture. This is because as they post comments and questions to your Instagram, they gets know your product even better.

Use of popular hashtags. This will make your content easily discoverable and hence you can get mores followers. People looking for a particular information, subject or photo will be directly linked to your site.

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