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What’s so great about Instagram? This is the question of many, considering how “basic” this platform is. Well, the fact that its main offerings are images or short video snippets are enough to get people hooked. Most netizens are visually inclined, so engaging them effectively is so much easier with beautiful images instead of the usual lengthy written content.

get followers for instagram
Due to the popularity of Instagram, a lot of people and organizations have begun using it for marketing, and it is working quite well. Take, for example, American entrepreneur and TV personality Lauren Conrad; she uses her personal and business Instagram accounts to update all her customers and fashion-loving folks about her new products, events, and even upcoming projects. She posts beautiful images, slideshows and short videos to keep her target market’s interest level up, so, she has millions of followers across the globe. Ditto with Sweet and Spark owner, Jillian Bremer — she uses the power of pictures to score sales and find out what her customers like, which she can possibly offer in the future.
These people have local and international fame going for them, though, so building their following was rather easy. But if you’re the opposite case and you’re starting from scratch, reaching even the hundreds can be quite a challenge. If you wish to make this goal easier to achieve, here are five helpful things you can do to get followers for Instagram.
1.    When somebody follows you, follow back, especially if they have good character (not the type who will spam your comments section with their own marketing message). Mention them in your posts, especially if they have posted something that may support your own Instagram marketing message.
2.    Be interactive, meaning when somebody asks a question in the comments section, provide an answer and tag them. Knowing how responsive you are will not only leave a strong positive impact on your market but you also gain people who can recommend your account for others to check out.
3.    Post well-taken pictures. Beautiful, professional quality pictures with original concepts never fail to impress, generate likes and new followers.
4.    Only post relevant images and videos. This creates a good impression on the people that you actually want following you. Keep your Instagram posts relevant to get more followers because focus is key!
5.    The easiest thing to do is buy. For a particular amount of money, you can instantly increase the number of followers you have from the hundreds, to hundreds of thousands. They are real followers; you can expect them to leave comments and like your posts. But what’s even better is that they will create social proof for your brand marketing, and encourage more people to follow your account.

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