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If you are an Instagram user, you are most probably familiar with the ‘Explore tab’ also called The Popular page. But the big question is how to get on the popular page on Instagram.

instagram popular page
The following are vital on how to get there:

· Make sure your account is old enough- Even though this may not be a big factor in influencing photo popularity, Instagram perhaps looks at it to some extent. The probability is that if your account is some weeks old, it will not have the same chance compared to an older account even in a situation of a newer accounts having more likes than the older one.

· Constantly form your following of lively users- It is still significant to increase followers if you want to participate in the popular page, but make sure you are receiving more than just follower out of it. Engage your follower. You find that many people have thousands of likes but only less than five hundred are active. The rest are inactive and thus won’t be of any help.

· Do not spoil it with ‘hashtags’-these are simple ways to acquire quick exposure on Instagram, but let me assure you that using them can hamper your success of getting to the popular page, use them carefully. They are great if you would like some opening engagement, but the responses you get from these hashtags tend to be a bit machine-like and at all times not genuine. If you can, avoid them completely.

· Know the best days and time to post- For instance, a photo posted at 9pm wont earn the same likes as that posted at 2am.If for sure you want to maximize your chances of your photo being popular, post it at times of the day when you think people might be free and on their phones, for example, during lunch time, in the evenings and slightly after supper.

· Post a high quality photo-Make sure that the photo your posts is of high quality. It should be of high resolution and should contain catchy features. As mentioned earlier, the most vital thing you can do is frequently posting photos that people will sincerely love to look at it all the time.

· The ratio between your followers and your following should also rhyme. It beats logic having over ten thousand followings and you only have less than one thousand followers. Make sure that those you are following are following you too.

To conclude on how to get on the popular page, you must take into consideration the means to get more likes on your photo. Use a software that will make your photo lively. Remember your competitors are also aware of this too, thus you should be more creative to beat them all. The Instagram popular page only looks at what is lately trending, so the sooner you gain likes or even comments on the photo, the higher the chances of getting there. Follow all the above instructions and you will be amazed on how easy it is to get there.

All the best!

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