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Instagram is a popular app and social networking site that is available across various platforms, including Android and iOS. Wielded properly, Instagram can be a potent tool for businesses that wish to promote their brands as well as their suite of products or services.

If you have just created an account, you might be asking “How can I get Instagram followers?” Creating an account on this platform is fairly easy. Getting followers is an entirely different matter. Here are a few worthwhile tips you can try to grow your number of followers.

One of the most important things to remember about Instagram is that it is also a community. And in order to gain more followers for your account, you need to be an active member of the community. For this task, there are a few things that you should do apart from uploading photos.

First, be selective of Instagram accounts to follow. Instead of following every account that you fancy, opt for accounts that are related or similar to yours. This will give you a clue about what content appeals to your intended audience.

Make sure that you take the time to like and comment on the pictures of the accounts that you are following. This will allow you to establish a presence in the community, and some accounts do follow other accounts that actively like and comment posts.

how can i get instagram followers

As for your own followers, make sure that you respond to comments and questions posted on the comment section of your photos. This will show your followers that you are interested in their concerns about your products or services.

It is highly likely that you have a Facebook account for your business. If you do, make sure to connect both accounts to maximize the utility of both. Make sure that you fill out the bio on both accounts so that potential followers can have a glimpse of what you can offer them.

Hashtags are used by people to search for content that interests them. You can get more followers by using this tool. The key here is to find suitable hashtags that will interest the audience that you are trying to reach. Make sure that each photo you post has hashtags but do not go overboard. Use, at the maximum, three hashtags.

Be thoughtful about the pictures that you post and make sure that those that you post differentiate your business from other accounts. Choose photos that appeal to your audience and take the time to learn the basics of photography. You may also want to download a few other photo editing apps so you won’t rely on the filters offered by Instagram. Don’t forget to put captions in your photos as these can grab the attention of your followers.

You may also want to be mindful of the hours when you post your content. If you do not wish your content to be buried by photos of other accounts, avoid posting pictures in the middle of the night. If you have multiple photos to share — say, for example, behind the scene shots — spread these out over a few hours or days instead of dumping them all at once.

Another way that you can grow your number of followers is to purchase from reputable companies. Reputable companies can instantly deliver the numbers you require, allowing your account to attract more followers.

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