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How do I get more followers on Instagram

How do I get more followers on Instagram? This has probably been asked more times than the number of followers you actually have.  There is not one true answer. There are many answers to this question.

The hardest way to get more followers is to socially build your Instagram following. This can be done using many methods. SOmetimes, Instagram account can get 100k+ followers overnight. But how? Well, some people post really crazy photos that attract people’s interest. This can spark online media outlets to “feature” this image and thus sending people to the source, their Instagram account. You can also just grow your account over time by posting a lot, interacting, and using hashtags. For more information about growing you Instagram account. Check out this article.

If you are looking on how do I get more followers on Instagram very quickly, then hands down the very easiest solution is to simply purchase them. There is a million places that offer Instagram followers for sale. Here at, we provide a 100% guarantee. We also have the best prices on the internet. This is an extremely important factor to consider. Some places charge $100’s of dollars.

Another simple way to grow your amount of followers on Instagram is to use other social media outlets to promote your Instagram account. One way I used once was posting a status on Facebook telling everyone to follow me on Instagram and gave them my username. I then paid Facebook a lousy $7 to promote my post to all my friends. This got my about 35 followers over the course of about 24 hours. This wasn’t too bad.

You can also use Twitter to promote your Instagram account and get more followers. One way to do this is by posting your Instagram photos to your twitter account and then link back to your Instagram account so people can follow you.


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