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If you’re trying to build your following on Instagram without spamming the pages of the accounts you like, here are different proven effective tips on how to get real Instagram followers.

how to get real instagram followers

  • As much as possible, post only all-original images and video snippets. Not only will your current followers “regram” these types of content, but if these images appeal to the interests of many and they feel that you will continue to post content they will like, they will also surely start following you and even get their own followers to do the same.
  • For more organic Instagram followers, use your offline marketing strategies to promote your online presence. If you can customize your business’s vouchers and have them include your Instagram account and other social media accounts, customers who are still not following them can start doing so. Post them on posters, leaflets and calling cards.
  • Link your Instagram with your other social media accounts. Provide the necessary information or create a link so all those who are interested in following your Instagram can just click on the link and be taken to your latest post.
  • Use your business SEO materials to inform your readers and potential customers about your Instagram account. Include a clickable link at the bottom of the content.
  • Always include calls to action for all your content. This will not only work for your Instagram but all your online accounts as well.
  • Hold a contest on Instagram. Contests, giveaways, and other programs that people know they can benefit from are big crowd-drawers. Online contests always have people creating an account if they still don’t have one, or “following” as a requirement to join in on the fun.
  • Follow “like” accounts because Instagram followers usually follow similar accounts. For example, your business sells nail products. Follow nail gurus that may have used your products and other online beauty authorities – most likely, the people who follow them will take notice of your Instagram, look through your posts, and if they like what they see, click that follow button and add to your growing number of Instagram “friends.”
  • Buy Instagram followers. Don’t frown on this idea because there’s nothing wrong with paying a fee for new “friends.” The deal is you get real followers who will like and leave comments on your post. If you want to move away from the usual organic methods of building a following, this is a surely an effective tactic to try.

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