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Instagram the king of marketing in social media .

Where is instagram heading? This is the question on people minds. Instagram has changed from a small social media for telling stories overnight to a photo sharing platform.

Instagram-logoIt is giving brands an opportunity to share and tell their story through visuals. Visuals allows you to understand a story better and even connect with it. Instagram will be one of the leading social media for marketing purposes if not the best. Instagram will continue to offer brands the opportunity to achieve success in social media as it matures in the marketing world.

Instagram will make the social media to become more user friendly as more photos become available to the world. Today you find that there is an increase in the number of photos being shared on social media. Majority of the social media are focusing more on photos and other visual assets thus showing that the future of Instagram is brighter because it already do that with ease.

It is also becoming a good advertising platform as it is reaching many people all over the world. It has already rolled out its approach to advertise with companies such as Ben and Jerry’s and Levis which have yielded a positive result. These adverts will continue to grow in future as it gets more deals from big firms thus growing further as a marketing tool.

This is just the begging, the true marketing power of Instagram is yet to be seen. However, it has already laid its platform as marketers are starting to see the important of Instagram when it comes to marketing. They are starting understand how this tool can help them in their story telling as they connect to the world in a compelling way. Instagram can only grow as it continues to shape the photo sharing market. You need to be on it so that you can be there when the future comes. Marketing, is the answer to where is Instagram heading?

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