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As many of you know, Instagram has launched its newest feature, video. This does not come as a surprise following Twitter’s release of the popular video app, Vine. I do not blame Facebook for launching the video feature on Instagram after Vine was launched. In fact, Vine has almost lost half of its traffic since Instagram launched its video capability. Personally, I prefer the Instagram video over Vine video for many reason.

First off, Vine only allows you to record video that is 6 seconds long. this can be a pain in the butt especially if you want to record something longer than 6 seconds. Instagram on the other hand allows you to record for much longer than this. You can create a really nice video. Both interfaces make it super easy though to record the video with just a push of a button.

Secondly, once you have recorded the video, Vine does not have a feature where you can edit it at all. Instagram allows you to overlay one of their popular filters. This can give some really cool effects for your videos. Whether it be a vintage inspired video or a black and white. This in return really adds to the uniqueness of your videos also while still holding true to Instagram’s reputation.

Thirdly, I find the integration of video into Instagram a very seamless process. The videos are in the stream just as the pictures are. Which brings up another point. Unlike Vine, Instagram allows you to capture both video and picture. This is a huge plus for me since I like to take both.

In conclusion, the launch of video on Instagram really is a step forward for Facebook in my opinion. It allows for a greater expression of creativity and art. Some of the videos I have seen already are fantastic. It is hard to believe that they are filmed with a smart phone. If you have not tried out the new video feature, I highly recommend it!


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