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More and more businesses are discovering the value of using social networking sites and engaging consumers there. But apart from the heavyweights like Twitter and Facebook, it is worthwhile to look at other social media sites, like Instagram, which have a sizeable number of users.

gain followers on instagram

If you have just opened an Instagram account for your business and you want to build a community around your account, there are legitimate ways to gain followers on Instagram.

One of the first things that you need to do to gain more followers is to invest time and effort into making your account look great. That means building a quality portfolio of good photographs that should match your business’s core products and values.

Avoid posting photos that are awful or do not have anything to do with your business. In short, put yourself in the shoes of your followers and ask whether you will like seeing those photos on your own feed.

If you have other social media accounts, leverage these to promote your new Instagram account. Share your Instagram photo on Facebook and Twitter. If you have a website, put an Instagram widget on it that will redirect site visitors to your new account. You can also send an email blast to customers on your mailing list.

Apart from posting quality photos, you should also take the time to interact with other users, especially customers who have followed your account. Leave thoughtful comments on the photos of followers. On the converse side of the coin, avoid begging for follows from people you do not know.

Which photos should you leave comments on? The best way to figure that out is to log on to your account on your laptop and search for photos that have hashtags that are related to your business. Post comments on recent photos that have a fairly low amount of comments. If you comment on photos that already have hundreds of comments, yours will not be noticed.

As for your own followers, make sure that you engage with them and reply to their comments.

Take note that these steps may work, but they require a substantial amount of effort and time from you or the person tasked to handle your social media accounts. One shortcut that works just as effectively, but quicker, is buying Instagram followers from DIY Likes.

By buying followers for your account, you can start growing your community and other followers will join it with hardly any effort on your part. And the best thing about this is that you do not have to worry about your account being suspended or banned because the followers you buy are high quality.

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