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Brand exposure is what all business owners fight for. Fortunately, there are social media networks, which play the most important role in maximizing promotional methods in the most effective and efficient way. Among so many social media websites, Instagram remains as the most popular one, thanks to its features that highlights on quality pictures through state-of-the art photo editing technology.

instagram secretsIts fast sharing feature is what millions of users adore as they can publish any picture, from their business products, services and even for personal pictures to maintain their existence. The popularity of Instagram is proven well with its hundred millions of active users who upload fifty million pictures each day and give thousands of comments in secondly basis. What can be more popular than that? With all those features, business owners should have no doubt in finding out how to get more brand exposure from Instagram.

As Instagram also links to Facebook and Twitter, users can easily share pictures with proper hashtags. There will be faster popularity by uploading pictures for building awareness to broader targeted clients. Surely, it takes more than just uploading pictures. Instagram users do not hesitate to ignore low quality pictures that have no sense of art.

They can easily unfollow, or dislike and this is the worst thing that any business owner should avoid in the first place. The first thing to do with how to get more brand exposure from Instagram is building close relationship with followers. This is as simple as uploading inspiring pictures that can urge followers to comment in positive ways.

Business owners do not have to merely upload their newly launched products or services. There are still more to explore like the office ambiance, behind-the-scenes of the products manufacturing process, and many more. This is the first and the very important step to reach as many followers and likes as possible.

Stay Active, Updated and Edited

Updated pictures are what followers always wait for, especially when it comes to the latest products. It is very important for company owners to pamper the needs of consumptive people in buying the latest products—particularly fashion related ones. Uploading pictures frequently—without taking quality for granted—can deliver new followers of visitors on a daily basis.

Never forget to use the filters that Instagram features. This is the best way to beautify pictures for more attractive performances. Editing pictures through Instagram is very much easy. Taking pictures at both day and night is just okay, as long as users can edit every picture very well.

Never Have Enough with Hashtags

Hashtags are important though they are not enough when account users do not have lots of followers. It is true that hashtags are what people search for certain topics and it is best to include more than three hashtags for each picture. Use them wisely instead of overdoing them.

Still, providing positive feedbacks to followers and like their photos back becomes the best way on how to get more brand exposure from Instagram. Many celebrities fail to do this and their fans can easily leave them. Yet, business owners should pay attention on clients’ comments or likes because they can give better comments and share every interesting picture with their friends. Going viral in much faster and more effective way is what business owners should pay serious attention.

Again, business owners have to be very active in giving positive comments—whether to say ‘thank you’, or other appreciation of what followers have given. Followers have spent their time in giving comments and their valuable time should have a good response with full respect. This will increase followers or fans eagerness to share more.

Buy Instagram Likes; Is it Necessary?

When an account has lots of followers and likes, it has better popularity. This is inevitable. So, buying Instagram likes may be necessary for smaller business owners. As they have to build their businesses from the start, then buying likes or followers can be the best option. It is a legal activity and there are providers that sell real active accounts from real followers. This is very important because those followers can share directly to Facebook’s feed. Sharing through many popular social media networks is another outstanding way on how to get more brand exposure from Instagram.

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