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hashtagA hashtag s a code or a symbol that allows web search engines to categorize and find keywords, messages, or even pictures in Instagram. If you type #sunsets or #cat in one of your pictures in Instagram, any user in the world looking for sunsets or cat will easily find your pictures and other users’ pictures using the #keyword. It is used by people to give their own shout about their pics.

When you should use hashtags on Instagram

You can use hashtags on every picture posted. Lack of information can be very boring but when you add a title to your pics, it boost other people’s interest for your stories and pics. You can use a hashtag on your pics with:

  • The subject of the pic- you can add description to your pictures.
  • The major topic appearing on the pic- examples are fashion, pets or cats. You will be able to show easily your pictures to users who look for this pics.
  • The place you took your pics- for example during Olympics, you can tag #OlympicGames or #London2012.
  • Techniques, apps and lenses used to shooting the pictures- this really make your pictures and profile interesting and helps other people to improve their own knowledge of editing and shooting. For example #Iphone4, #ina69 roll or #hisptamatic.
  • Use hashtag of a very important event or instameet- share pics of your last event in Instagram. For example a music festival or wedding of your friend. You can use the official tag suggested by the organizers or you can create an original tag.
  • Using a hashtag when promoting contest- some people use hashtags to organize different types of groups and contests. If you are launching a contest with the theme cat you would ask people who want to contest to put a hashtag for example #catcontest. This make it very easier for the organizers to find al people and pictures that entered the contest and from that point they can decide who the winner is.

To tag your pic with a hashtag, follow the following steps.

  • Snap a pic after opening Instagram on your mobile. Choose a design that you want your pic to appear.
  • Type a hashtag of your choice on the caption box and then upload your pocture.
  • If you would want to place a hashtag on a previous pic, click on the comments and you can place your tag in the comments box.
  • Once you have tagged the picture, when you click the hashtag, you will be lead to other people who have used the same hashtag on their photos.

Tips to using a hashtag that will get the most likes.

  • Be as specific and descriptive as possible- for example if you are a very big fan of games of thrones, instead of using a hashtag such as #HBOshows, you should be specific and use #gamesofthrones.
  • Observe how other people are applying hashtags- to gain more likes and connections, try to use hashtags that are widely used by users of Instagram.
  • Use your name- this allow other people to see what you have so far posted in one page. This is mostly used by photographers and brand marketers who want to show their work online.

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