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After growing exponentially over a period of two years, Instagram has become one of the most used Social Medias. The closeness it gives with the sharing of pictures has paved way to new ways of marketing. Visual marketing.

instagram for businesSocial media offers businesses with a chance to diversify their content as well as increase their scope. However, despite the strong user base that Instagram offers brands, most are still skeptical to use it. Most of the reasons that most have for not using it however do not have any basis and are not true. Some of the myths that are doing rounds are such as; Instagram only works with products that are visual, it favors large brands, Instagram is only for posting photos, the site can sell the photos and that there is no way to measure the impact that you are making. As earlier stated all these are just myths which with a little research can be cleared.

Now having put that out of the way, what do you need to know before you venture into this marketing technique? Well, it is very easy, the first thing you will have to have is a mobile phone as this application is only available on the apple stores or on Google play. This is important as you will manage an account that you will create here. However, before you start using Instagram for business, you will have to learn to use it on a personal level. This is because the things you learn will go a long way in helping you market you brand easily. The first tip you could consider when starting out is ensuring that the profile name you choose on Instagram is the same as the handle on twitter for your business.

You will notice that at the beginning of your journey, there will be no one following you let alone talking to you. However, the most important bit of using the social media to market brands, is responding to customers. As a result enabling notifications so that you get to see what people comment or share on the brand photos is important. This will enable you to respond to them quickly. In addition, you can use image responses to assure your customers that you are taking them seriously.

Since Instagram is not only about sharing photos internally, you could make a point of uploading your pictures on other social sites such as twitter and facebook thereby increasing the number of people that you reach. This is not difficult as you have an option of linking Instagram to these sites. However, if you are already on other sites, you could make your presence more exciting by sharing photos of things that are happening in the offices of the company such as new products and events.

For you to understand how Instagram actually works, you will have to experience it for yourself. The site is primarily meant to share photos therefore, you could start out by editing a photo and see the various things that you can do to the photo. Using the inbuilt picture, the ability to rotate the photo and ability to play around with the image focus, give your photo a professional touch. You could even brand the photos by adding the brands logo. This is an innovative way of extending the brand. Photos most of the time are accompanied by captions below them. For a business account however, you could use questions as the captions. This is so as to increase the level of engagement of the customers. This however, is one of the numerous things that you could put into practice to increase customer engagement.

However, in as much as uploading many photos is a good way to keep the customers interested, it also proves difficult when one want to get a particular photo that they wanted. To help with this however, you could use hash tags. This will not only organize the photos and make it easier to track them; it will also see to it that the level of engagement grows considerably. To learn more on how to use hash tags, you could use Instagram own advice. However, make sure that the hash tag that you come up is easy for the customers to memorize.The next thing that you will need to do is find customers. Here the hash tags will come in handy as it will help you find people that are sharing and talking about photos that are relevant to the business. Also review your profile. If it represents your brand properly, then you can share your profile URL.

These are some of the basic things that you ought to learn if you are considering Instagram for your business. Be sure to research more so that you succeed in this as it will serve you well after you get a hang of it.

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